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Banzai Making An Impact

Banzai’s award winning curriculum is used by over 35,000 teachers nationwide to teach their students to be better stewards of their money. CSD Credit Union pays for the materials for every teacher and counselor in all our partner middle schools, junior high schools and high schools to use in their classrooms! We offer time, money, industry experience, classroom presentations, and a variety of additional resources to help educate a financially responsible generation.

Benefits of Banzai 

  • Fun and interactive learning
  • Free resource for teachers
  • Aligns with state curriculum
  • Grade an entire class in an instant
  • Incorporates technology with learning
  • Classroom presentations
  • Teachers have control over how to use Banzai
  • Access the Banzai program from anywhere at anytime

Choose from these Banzai Courses for your students: 

· Direct Junior: Recommended for ages 8-12. Students open a virtual lemonade stand to learn about budgeting, saving, paying bills, debt, running a business and much more.

· Direct Teen: Recommended for ages 13-18. Students experience summer life after high school, with the goal of saving money for college. Topics include practical budgeting techniques--tracking income, transfers, and expenses, as well as budgeting, taxes, insurance, debt and more.

· Direct Plus: Recommended for ages 16+. Plus tackles more complex financial problems like building credit, what a car loan cost, handling credit cards, paying student loans, qualifying for a mortgage and much more.

Also included:

Direct Interactive Library: Clear, in-depth lessons to help learners dive into the financial topics they care about most. There are currently 50+ articles that dive into various financial topics.  Each article is labeled with an estimated reading time to help you plan lesson time wisely. Visit https://csdcu.teachbanzai.com/articles for the Interactive Library topics.

Printed curriculum materials upon teacher request at no additional cost

Direct sponsor relations contact at Banzai

You can even see the decisions your students make in Banzai, thanks to the new decision tree, which you can see by clicking on individual students in your roster!

Student Feedback from CSDCU Sponsored Schools:

  • Using this website, I have learned how to manage money. This was an interesting game because it gives me an exposure to the real world.
  • I've learned how to manage my accounts and save my money according to a budget
  • I am replaying the game and I have learned a lot. This game is fun and I think I can handle the real world.
  • I learned on how to save and spend money on specific things.
  • How to manage my money. And I also learned how to put my money in groups
  • I learned how to split money equally and what money is worth and how to spend money and a pay check.
  • Budgeting is harder than it looks.

Click here to read more Student Feedback.

Teacher Feedback from CSDCU Sponsored Schools:

Jolan Smith says...
"We are very pleased with the how well the Banzai program and the donated supplies align with the needs of our students. After seeing their deficits from the results of the pre-test, we are even more convinced of the benefits this entire program will provide. Thank you for your generosity. We will be looking toward our future needs for material and will once again graciously accept your benevolence".

Amanda Mayes says...
"Thank you very much for the banzai financial education materials. My students have really been enjoying the program and learning so much about budgeting and managing their money. What a wonderful program"!

***To get your students started on the right path, we will put $20 into a new savings account with
CSD Credit Union once your students have completed the Banzai Financial Literacy Program! 
Click here to download the special award certificate.***

Teacher sign up instructions.
Student sign up instructions.

Contact Glenda Collins at gcollins@csdcu.org with any Banzai questions.

Teach financial literacy without spending a dime.  Visit https://csdcu.teachbanzai.com/ to get started today!