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Best bank around. Super helpful and kind.  CSD being a credit union is not in the business
of trying to exploit its patrons. The loan officers will give sound advice and help you make the
best decision for your family, not their bottom line. Been a member of CSD for 15 years and am
excited for my own children to start their accounts at this wonderful bank.

Matt R - member 15 years

You all have the best customer service! My family appreciates CSDCU so much!

Duane K - member 19 years

Been with them for 14 years and never had bad service. Always go the extra mile.

Aaron D - member 14 years

They have provided me with tremendous care and personal value since 1994. The leader of this location is a gift!
Go, run to CSD Credit Union. I am so happy to be a member.

Wendolyn D - member 14 years

I love working with CSD Credit Union.  Everyone is always friendly and they make everything so easy, from making
a deposit, getting a cashier's check or taking out a loan.  I am so glad to be a member!!

Melissa W - member 10 years

I am very happy with everyone that works at CSD.  They all are very nice and help me when I have questions. 
I have auto loans with very low interest rates.  Thank you CSD!

Peggy - member 45 years

I have always had the best treatment from the staff at CSDCU. They are always helpful.

Terri C - member 20 years


We enjoy banking at CSDCU because:
1) It takes care of all of our banking needs.
2) Everyone is so friendly.
3) It really is the most cost effective/reasonable way to pay off loans, both when I worked for the school district, and since we are both retired. We have financed a second mortgage, autos, motorcycles and RVs.
4) The ease of taking out a loan - once you start you are a part of a community that looks out for you and makes getting a loan an easy process.
5) Our latest loan is for the RV in the picture.

Rick and Trish W - members 19 years



It is not often that you hear people describe a bank as family, but to us, CSDCU is our family.
We are forever grateful to all that work there and are very lucky to have such a wonderful credit union.

Rachel C - member 18 years


This is the most friendly atmosphere I have ever been in.  Everyone there knows me by name.  It is good to be known as a person and not just a number.  They take good care of me and all my family.  I'm sure I'll always be a member.  Thank you for the great service.

Sam H - member 14 years


I love the fact that everyone is always friendly.  I work in the school district and I feel like part of the family.

Lisa J - member 17 years




I enjoy banking at CSD Credit Union because everyone is so nice and friendly.  They make banking so easy.

Aaron D - member 11 years


The employees truly treat you with respect and treat you like family.  The ladies like Glenda, Theresa and Jamie, just to name a few, go beyond their job description to help you in any way they can.  I would not do my banking transactions anywhere else.  They're great.

William M - member 15 years


I enjoy banking at CSD Credit Union because they have always been there for me. They helped me get my life together.  They gave me a car loan so I could get to work, and a loan to help pay other bills.  Thank you so much!

Donna W - member 7 years




I enjoy banking at CSDCU because everyone is very personable, friendly and helpful.

Peggy and Roy W - members 20 years



There is a great family atmosphere here with friendly staff workers who are happy and helpful.  My entire family banks here and we love it.  You could not ask for a better banking experience!

Darrell B - member 13 years




The people at CSDCU are nice.  They know who you are without saying your name.  They keep a smile on their face.  I'm always happy when I leave the credit union.  Thanks for keeping up with anything that I need.

Rayjeana L - member 13 years




I enjoy banking at CSDCU because they have a friendly staff.  They are easy to work with.  Loan approval was fast on my Visa Card. 

LaShawn D - member since 2006



I enjoy banking at CSDCU because the people are very nice.  The staff will work for you if you need them to.  The employees are all great.

Jeff S - member 15 years




I enjoy banking at CSDCU because it is convenient.  The employees are all nice and easy to work with.  I like the fact that they are so cordial and recognize me when I come in.  The fees for my money orders, etc are extremely good and they are easier to trace than other institutions.  Thanks everyone at CSDCU for all you do!

Sharon M - member 16 years



Everybody knows you by name when you walk in.  There are always so helpful no matter what your needs and try to help solve your problems in the best way possible.  You can't find any better people to handle your banking needs.



 Mary R - member 27 years




I enjoy banking at CSD Credit Union because of the great people and great customer service.

Marcus W - member for 7 years